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  4. I want this game. Can you reprint it? Pretty please. Reprint would be reprint reprint. If you need further proof that a reprint would be awesome, just look at reprint. Thanks, Reprint
  5. In add Alpha Prime Elite ion, we have provided Camilla's muscle a gentle bleaching and a Shevardnadze plastic building by dentist Charlotte Nyby . Results for Camilla, Alpha Prime Elite is now no more an annoying tooth that sticks in her upper lip - and tension in the Alpha Prime Elite rest of her muscle. After many years w Alpha Prime Elite h a hidden smile says Camilla: My personal experience of dental control in Johan C is that I have smiled more w Alpha Prime Elite h the brace on, than before I got Alpha Prime Elite on. The idea that my muscle were only prettier every day, gave me the urge to smile. in add Alpha Prime Elite ion, Alpha Prime Elite is wonderful that after adjustment.
  6. Dear Community, I am currently working on new board games experience, I hope it could be very valuable for players. Now, I have to test some assumptions before moving to the nest steps. Can I please kindly ask you to spend few minutes and complete this short survey? Thanks a lot for your time and great help!
  7. And additional unsubstantiated claims. It appears a boycott is being called on of your products based on this unsubstantiated and libelous campaign.
  8. I believe your new product Vampire: Prelude is being the subject of an unsubstantiated campaign of slander organized and directed by the sites moderators. You might want to address this. It is repugnant and slanderous. The thread can be found here;
  9. The Congress of Gamers Summer Session will be held in the Westin Tysons Corner August 25-27. We'll be playing many of Asmodee's games, including Mage Knight, Blood Rage, Eclipse, T.I.M.E. Stories, 7 Wonders, Troyes, Kemet, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Nations, Splendor, Lewis & Clark, Mysterium, Seasons, Dixit, Merchants & Marauders, Manhattan Project, Takenoko, A Few Acres of Snow, Hanabi, Flash Point, Pandemic, Formula D, Diplomacy, Liars Dice, and Can't Stop. Tournament play will include Splendor, 7 Wonders, Diplomacy, and Pandemic. Visit
  10. It says if the target has neither gold in his stash nor cards in his hand, you do not take anything. So if the Emperor's target has cards, but no gold, he can only take cards? OR If the Emperor has cards, but no gold, he takes nothing?
  11. it just says 'in development' on the site, but the November news says ship by December.
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  13. I went back and forth with support, but gave up, they ultimately had the online and local modes confused. Either way, when I'm under the "play local" tab it seems to always assume there is only one human playing. I don't suppose anyone has figured out how to add more humans for local play? Either pass and play or local bluetooth?
  14. There is a great resource for information from Howard's Conan universe for all the characters, settings, and enemies for this game. Check it out at Book of Skelos
  15. This November we will have a Splendor Championship Tournament for DC/MD/VA. Will you be there and be one of the Top 3 Splendor champions.
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