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  1. Congress of Gamers convention in Rockville, MD, October 7-8 will feature 7 Wonders, Ra, Splendor, and Alhambra in tournament play and Werewolf as a party/social event.
  2. Convention in Tysons Corner, Virginia

    The Congress of Gamers Summer Session will be held in the Westin Tysons Corner August 25-27. We'll be playing many of Asmodee's games, including Mage Knight, Blood Rage, Eclipse, T.I.M.E. Stories, 7 Wonders, Troyes, Kemet, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Nations, Splendor, Lewis & Clark, Mysterium, Seasons, Dixit, Merchants & Marauders, Manhattan Project, Takenoko, A Few Acres of Snow, Hanabi, Flash Point, Pandemic, Formula D, Diplomacy, Liars Dice, and Can't Stop. Tournament play will include Splendor, 7 Wonders, Diplomacy, and Pandemic. Visit